March 29, 2023 | General

Will Davison eager to add Hi-Tec Bathurst 6 Hour crown to his resume

MULTIPLE BATHURST 1000 winner Will Davison is back for another tilt at endurance glory at the Mountain, but its in something a bit different.

Davison returns to Australia’s leading production car event eager to go better than his debut last year and the BMW he will drive is sure to be one of the race favourites.

Much is the same for Davison as he re-joins the already successful duo of Beric Lynton and Tim Leahey in the pair’s regular BMW M4, a partnership that won the race in 2019.

Last year’s event ended in disappointment for the trio as a fuel pump failed within the first hour of the race leading to a finish of 27th.

Davison and Leahey are long-time friends after racing in Formula Ford together at the turn of the millennium.

“I’m only there because I think we’ve got a good shot to compete for the win, but of course, it’s more appealing given I’ll be driving with a great mate,” Davison told Wide World of Sports.

“It sort of makes it a bit of a no-brainer because we’re there to enjoy ourselves, but we can, we can do it in a way where we’re there to get a result as well.

“It’s really refreshing for me. But it’s certainly a very different mindset – go there to have fun.

“Naturally in motorsport, we’re all competitive. We want to do well. It’s a really cool event. I enjoyed the race last year and it’s something really refreshing about being a part of it.

“It’s definitely a different level of stress to what I’m used to. But ultimately the same competitive nature comes out. So it’s a lot of fun. I really, really enjoy it.

“It is cool, I get to drive with my brother at the Bathurst 1000 and my best mates in the six-hour, it’s not lost on me to just enjoy every second,” he added.

“It is special, it really adds to the experience for sure. So just thankful for Tim and to have me along.

“Really, without them. I wouldn’t be in the race. So yeah, it is cool. I do appreciate it a lot.”

Davison is also attracted to the event by its much more relaxed environment, which has attracted his Dick Johnson Racing’s teammate Anton De Pasquale and endurance driver Tony D’Alberto as well.

If there is a battle at the end between the three, Davison won’t be holding back for the win.

“To be honest, we’re pretty light-hearted about it,” said Davison.

“We get on great anyway. Of course, there’ll be plenty of chat between us and, of course, ultimately, we both want to get a good result.

“We will just go and enjoy ourselves. Hopefully, we’re out there battling away in a stint together because it’s a lot less stressful for us.

“Naturally we both want to do a good job for the people we’re driving with which for them it’s that’s their main event for the year.

“It is a lower-stress weekend for me, but still I take it very seriously and I know it’s a big deal for everyone.

“So I’ve got a job to do and Anton and I will be very relaxed and very chilled.

“Ultimately when it comes to it, we want to do our part. Hopefully we sort of are up there together having a battle at some stage towards the end of the race on the front.”