January 25, 2023 | General

Team switch for Bowe in 2023

AFTER Seven years, John Bowe will switch teams for his final full season of Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters. 

Bowe and the Holden Torana he has raced since 2015 will now be prepared and run by Melbourne-based Ravage Raceworks, headed up by TCM race winner Dean Lillie.

It marks the first change in a relationship with Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars since the pair joined forces to run the Torana in the early stages of the 2015 season.

Since then the relationship has delivered three titles and 56 race wins.

The move comes purely for logistical reasons; Ravage’s Melbourne-base ensuring the Torana can be readily made available for the numerous sponsor, corporate and commercial commitments in Bowe’s roster this season.

Ravage have significant experience in TCM, having prepared and run Jim Pollicina’s Holden Torana’s throughout his time in the category.

Both Pollicina, Andrew Fisher and Lillie himself have been winners in Ravage-prepared cars, indicating there’s likely to be no loss of performance with the team switch.


“I want to say a massive thanks to Gary O’Brien and his team at Bendigo Retro. He built the car and has run it ever since and it’s been fantastic.

“Even though its not as up-to-date as some of the newer cars in the category, it continues to be very competitive and that’s a testament to Gary and his guys.

“We’re only making the move for logistical reasons – we really need to have the car based in Melbourne so it’s close to sponsors and supporters for this important season.

“There’s absolutely no hard feelings on either side and I’ve got so many fond memories of our time together. They’re terrific, talented people.

“Dean and his team are local which makes the logistics so much easier for us this year.

“His team have proven to be very competitive and I know they’ll do a great job and make sure the Torana is up to the job – it will just be up to me to steer it properly!”