August 2, 2022 | General

Touring Car Masters returns to the Adelaide 500

THE GULF WESTERN Oil Touring Car Masters Series will return to the streets of Adelaide, concluding the 2022 season at the re-born Adelaide 500 this December 1-4.

TCM has been a staple of the iconic Adelaide event, with 2022 to represent the series’ 14th visit to the iconic Adelaide Parklands Circuit in the city’s East end.

Star drivers including John Bowe, Steven Johnson, Ryan Hansford, George Miedecke in addition to a strong field of muscle cars spreading three decades of racing, from the 1960s to the early 1980s, will tackle four races across the event.

The event will double as the sixth and final round of the 2022 championship, currently narrowly led after three rounds by John Bowe and his Holden Torana.

Bowe has raced at the Adelaide Parklands Circuit every year since its creation in 1985 and is thought to be the only driver to have done so.

“The Adelaide 500 has always been one of the best events on the calendar and it’s exciting to be part of it’s return this year,” the six-time Touring Car Masters champion and Australian Motorsport hall-of-famer said.

“It’s a great, iconic circuit and an incredible event where we all love to show off the fantastic racing that Touring Car Masters produces.

“I’ve raced there every year since the first Grand Prix in 1985 and I don’t think there’s many people who can say that!

“I’ve been fortunate enough to race there in a wide variety of cars but my little Torana is one of the most enjoyable to drive.

“I’m certain Touring Car Masters will produce it’s usual exciting racing and a great show for the spectators coming to the circuit and those watching at home.

“It’s great news for us as competitors and for the fans who follow TCM religiously and It’s great for the championship to conclude at such an iconic, high profile event like the Adelaide 500.”

Touring Car Masters was represented at the official launch of the 2022 event today by Adelaide-based Whiteline Racing, who showcased their race-winning 1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS alongside other key support vehicles and cars from the headlining Supercars Championship.

TCM has long been a popular addition to the Adelaide support program since its formation, with the category officially launched at the event in 2007.

The series has featured on the support program of the event almost every year since then, making it one of the most popular rounds on the calendar.

TCM last raced in Adelaide at the 2020 event, the round won by Whiteline Racing and driver Adam Bressington, ahead of Ryan Hansford and Steven Johnson.

John Bowe has won the most TCM rounds (5) and races (10) in the history of TCM competing at the Adelaide 500.

Bowe also holds the TCM lap record at the Adelaide Parklands circuit, at 1m27.8263s.