June 30, 2022 | General

Tilley: ‘I couldn’t believe it was all happening’

With his recent success at Sydney Motorsport Park’s second round, Cameron Tilley is genuinely excited for the next round of the Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters in Townsville on July 8 to 10.

“I have only been there once, in 2018, but I really love that track . . . I could drive it with my eyes closed,” he enthused.

Currently Cameron and his very popular Anglomoil Superior Lubricants Valiant Pacer are third overall and the Pro Am class points leader after outright victory in the last race at Sydney Motorsport Park.

He said a tweak before the Trophy Race at the second round brought the Pacer into the sweet spot that proved so fruitful. “It was something I have never done before and it made all the difference.”

In the last race of the second round he jumped to the lead from the start and never looked like being beaten. “I couldn’t believe it was all happening. The car was a quick as any other out there.

“Once I got to half race, I could manage the rest of race . . . and even if anyone caught me, they would have had a job to get past.”

This year has been a revelation after the frustrations of the past. There were incidents with damage, and mechanical failures to the point of where Cam was questioning whether he would continue.

“The manhours on the car outside of work were extraordinary, I was doing nothing else, and I couldn’t have done it for so long without the help of Chris Adlam who was there to help with the repairs,” Cameron added.

The costs negated any chance of putting development into the car which in many ways is very much standard underneath. “It still has the torsion front end, and we don’t have an engine scoop or anything of the like that the other teams have,” Cameron explained.

Preparation between SMP and round three involved the usual routine while the differential is yet to be decided. The last time the team ran at Townsville the Pacer was six cylinder powered rather than the V8 so ratio choice is to be determined.

He will tow the car from its home on the norther beaches of Sydney to Townsville himself which means a week away from home, “It is a shame its so far away!”

Cameron also explained that it is not just about the racing but the people that come along.

“Anglomoil have been fantastic in their support as too Tim Miller Electrical, and Beaches Sea Doo. For over 11 year the Glennan Transport family – Karyn, Joe and Ryan – have been a huge part of the team.”

The third round of the Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters Series will see the field head to Townsville for just the second time, taking part in the NTI Townsville 500 between July 8-10.