May 28, 2022 | General

Bowe steals thrilling victory from Miedecke in final-lap flourish

Race one of the Gulf Western Oils Touring Cars Masters went right down the wire where John Bowe took the win off George Miedecke on the last lap.

From pole position Bowe (Rare Spares Holden Torana A9X) led from the fast-starting Miedecke (Daimler Trucks Adelaide Chev Camaro) before the latter took the lead on lap four of the ten-lap journey.

“I was better in some parts of the circuit, and he was better in others,” Bowe said afterwards. “This is a tyre-deg track and that makes for good racing.”

Bowe sized up for his successful move before he made a better exit out of turn eight and had the move done by turn nine and go on to record his 103rd TCM victory.

Third place went to Ryan Hansford (Multispares Torana) after a near race-long dice with Jamie Tilley (G&V Earthmoving Ford Mustang) who displaced Hansford for several laps before the positions reversed.

Jim Pollicina (MoComm Torana) was fifth until a spin at turn six on the opening lap forced Cam Tilley (Valiant Pacer), Tony Karanfilovski (Mustang) and Brad Tilley (Ford Falcon XY GTHO) to take avoiding action and lose many places.

The Valiant driver climbed back to finish fifth ahead of Gerard McLeod (Holden Commodore VB) and Cameron Mason (Mustang). Karanfilovski was eighth in front of Ben Dunn (Chev Monza) and Pollicina.

Andrew Fisher (GTHO) was next. He was following Cam McConville when the Camaro driver had a big off at turn one. He was able to get back on track and finished behind Danny Buzadzic (A9X) and Mark King (Camaro).


Series points leader George Miedecke in the Whiteline Racing Chev Camaro won the first of four races at round two of the Gulf Western Touring Car Masters at Sydney Motorsport Park.

While the Trophy race was for starting and finishing points only, the action was frantic in the reverse (of qualifying) grid affair.

Miedecke took out the race ahead of Cameron Tilley (Anglom Oil Superior Lubricants Valiant Pacer) with Cameron McConville (ACM Auto Parts Camaro) third.

At the start Danny Buzadzic (Western General Body Works Holden Torana A9X) and Tony Karanfilovski (TIFS Third Party Logistics Ford Mustang) fought over the lead. Mark King (Camaro) spun at Turn 5 and was hit by Brad Tilley (Ford Falcon XY GTHO) who had nowhere to go.

On the second lap McConville was able to put the lead pair behind him. Jim Pollicina (A9X) brought into the battle until the overheat warning light came on and he slowed at turn eleven only to receive a tap from Miedecke. The latter was able to grab the lead a couple of laps later. Shortly after Cam Tilley passed McConville to claim second.

From the back of the field John Bowe was able to work through to fifth before smoke appeared from underneath the Rare Spares Torana and he slowed to ensure finishing points. A tappet cover bolt had worked loose and leaking oil burned on the engine.

Starting with him on the ninth row was Ryan Hansford (Multispares A9X) and he worked his way to fourth and finished ahead of Karanfilovski and Pollicina who came back from 15th to finish sixth.

Behind them were Cameron Mason (Mustang) from Buzadzic, Gerard McLeod (Holden Commodore VB), Andrew Fisher and Brad Tilley in their GTHOs, Ben Dunn (Chev Monza), Leo Tobin (Mustang) and Warren Trewin (Holden Monaro HQ). Peter Burnitt (A9X) was another pit visitor after the bonnet flew off.