October 10, 2020 | General

Gulf Western releases Touring Car Masters-themed oil

Gulf Western Oil, the Naming Rights Partner of Touring Car Masters (TCM), has introduced the ultimate lubricant for classic muscle and performance cars on the road or track.

Gulf Western’s Comp-R Classic 15W-50 is presented in a TCM-themed bottle and available in Autobarn and Autopro stores across Australia.

Comp-R Classic 15W-50 is a semi synthetic engine oil for high performance engines and classic vehicles where the owner wants to offer exceptional protection for their investment. Comp-R Classic 15W-50 is formulated with 40% synthetic base oil to offer excellent cold start protection as well as high temperature stability and sludge control.

Exceeding API SL/CF and ACEA A3/B3 performance levels and boosted with additional anti-wear additives, Comp-R Classic 15W-50 has been designed to protect key engine components in high performance engines including those with flat tappet cams.


• Semi Synthetic formulation offering enhanced temperature-viscosity characteristics compared to mineral oil
• High viscosity at operating temperature to protect the engine under load
• Superior oxidation stability compared to mineral oils
• Excellent engine cleanliness and sludge control
• Additional seal conditioners to reduce leakage in older engines
• Outstanding wear protection for older, flat tappet cam engines from high levels of Zinc and organic molybdenum compounds
• Compatible with most common race fuels


Comp-R Classic 15W-50 meets the following specifications

• ACEA A3/B3