June 9, 2020 | General


TCR Australia will be the next national series to be run on the acclaimed WSC TCR SimRacing platform, allowing drivers and teams in the carsales TCR Australia Series the opportunity to race as part of the globally promoted series and win real world prizes.

Following on from the successful ARG eSport Cup (concluding in a two-driver endurance race at Bathurst tonight), the TCR Australia SimRacing Series will see the drivers compete in their own make of car, complete with real team livery, in a seven round series – six of which on Australian circuits.

Using the popular Assetto Corsa software that TCR Europe has used during the world’s current COVID-19 pandemic, the carsales TCR Australia SimRacing Series will offer a greater range of real world realities, with TCR cars from Audi, Hyundai, Honda, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Volkswagen and Cupra all available for teams to run.

Entries will be open to any driver or team that has entered the TCR Australia or TCR New Zealand Series.

Places in the carsales TCR Australia SimRacing Series will be strictly limited to 18 cars, with substantial prizes for the top three in the series including free entry in real world competition. More details will be confirmed shortly.

The online series will start at the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit on Thursday, June 18, followed by races at Mount Panorama, Sydney Motorsport Park, Surfers Paradise, Sandown, Adelaide with the final at the famous Macau street track.

carsales TCR Australia SimRacing Series calendar

Round 1, Albert Park, June 18
Round 2, Mount Panorama, July 2
Round 3, Sydney Motorsport Park, July 16
Round 4, Surfers Paradise, July 30
Round 5, Sandown, August 6
Round 6, Adelaide, August 20
Round 7, Macau, September 3


Matt Braid
CEO, Australian Racing Group

“The carsales TCR Australia SimRacing Series is going to be a great way to continue the online racing theme as the world begins to emerge from lock down,” said Braid.

“The ARG eSport Cup has been a terrific initiative during the period that we have been in lock down, and now we are able to following this up with a internationally promoted series specifically featuring TCR Australia

“The program that the WSC Group has put together, with most of the TCR car brands involved, is a fantastic real-world representation of TCR Series racing, and ARG is proud to be the second series from around the world to be selected to compete on the platform.”

Marcello Lotti
President, WSC Group

“We are pleased that Australian Racing Group decided to extend their agreement to SIM racing,” said Lotti.

“In 2019, while on its inaugural season, TCR Australia proved to be one of the most successful and better organised TCR championships, and so we are confident that now they will be able to apply their professionalism and expertise to virtual competition with equal success.”