May 11, 2020 | General


George Miedecke has confirmed he will compete in the 2020 Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour in a brand-new FN Mustang. The Mustang, built by former MARC Cars owner Ryan McLeod, was completed recently and is currently residing in the Miedecke’s Ford dealership in Port Macquaire.  Miedecke is awaiting the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions around circuit hire to get the Mustang onto the track for its first test ahead of the Bathurst 6 Hour event that will be held as part of the Bathurst International on November 13-15.

Miedecke has competed in a number of 6 Hour events, including the 2019 edition where he entered a Falcon FG GT-F. The current National Trans Am Series driver told the Parked Up podcast that he is looking forward to getting the Mustang out on track. “I bleed blue, and I love seeing Mustangs on the track, whether they are in Supercars or Trans Am cars,” said Miedecke. “We felt that the Mustang has been under represented in production cars, so we have just completed the build of a brand-new FN Mustang for the Bathurst 6 Hour.

“We are really excited that the event has been rescheduled to November, and I have it sitting here in my dealership in Port Macquarie. It looks at me, sits out the front of my office and it’s the worst – it’s like having a Christmas present and you can’t open! “It’s amazing. From a build quality point of view, I have not seen a production car built so nicely. It’s a credit top Ryan McLeod and his team. “If I told you it was a Mustang GT4, you’d believe me. It is beautiful.”

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the world, the Bathurst 6 Hour was set for a mammoth field of production cars. While the early signs suggest that the field will still be deep for the 6 Hour classic, Miedecke says that it will be a tough fight to compete on outright speed against the likes of the BMWs. “We’ll be fighting the good fight. Those BMWs will have a lot of pace,” he said.  “The M3 and the M4 have won it and been on pole for a few years. I doubt that we’ll have the outright pace, but from a reliability point of view, we’ll be strong.

“It has a 5 litre Coyote engine, and the biggest thing that triggered us, the car has direct injection, so it has a bit of extra grunt, so it should mean that we are around the fight for the lead. “It is exciting. We want to get some testing miles under our belt. We are just waiting for tracks to open, but it’s a lovely car and something I’m really excited to have a crack in sooner rather than later.”