September 18, 2019 | General


The Jesus Racing Team has advised that the damage sustained as a result of being pushed off track at the recent Muscle Car Masters event held at Sydney Motorsport Park was more complex than initially thought.

Given this the team has taken the decision to not race Abigail (the teams XYGT) at the upcoming Bathurst 1000 event.

Team founder Andrew Fisher explained “the damage was slightly more complicated to fix than what we had first thought so we have decided to take the opportunity to do some development work that we have wanted to do for some time. The planned changes will provide a better platform moving forward so we are pretty excited although disappointed that Abigail will miss the feature event of the year.â€Â

Given the importance of the Bathurst event to the Jesus Racing and Life Choices Foundation programs Fisher speaks to around 20000 High School Students and 1000’s if inmates in gaols each year the team has decided to lease a car for Bathurst  – but the decision is not without controversy as Fisher explained.

“When we looked at the option for a car that we may be able to lease and a team that we felt comfortable working alongside the options were pretty limited. Obviously being a Ford team we initially looked for a Ford however this proved to be difficult and the best option soon proved to be leasing a Holden Torana from Pollicina Motorsport. it’s the car team owner Jim Pollicina used before he built a brand new one last year however it is still a good car and capable of running towards the front. Dean Lillie from Ravage Raceworks runs Jim’s cars and he does a great job prepping the cars so we felt confident in their partnership.† 

“It’s  going to be a weird feeling racing a Holden  – we are obviously known as a Ford team however we still have lots of Holden based fans so I guess it gives them a chance to be happy and stop asking me why I don’t race a Holden perhaps they might throw some extra support behind us†said Fisher with a laugh.

Fisher is hoping to have a taste of the Torana before Bathurst so that he is able to dial himself into the car before the big event.