July 10, 2019 | General


PAYNTER DIXON Touring Car Masters star Ryan Hansford is in recovery mode following an operation resulting from having a form of testicular cancer.

The Multispares Racing driver went under the knife on July 4 with a successful surgery to remove his right testicle after he discovered a ‘small patch of hardness’ to one side of it during a self-examination later determined to be a form of testicular cancer.

“Yesterday (July 4) I had my right testicle removed. About a month ago now I felt a small patch of hardness to one side of it there was no lump and it wasn’t sore at all” Hansord posted on the Multispares Racing Facebook page.

“It took me around 3 weeks to get to the doctor as I didn’t think much of it at the time. I then got sent for an ultrasound and they detected a lump inside the testis. At this stage the doctors are 95% sure it’s a form of cancer called seminoma and has a good prognosis for a full recovery when discovered early.

“Testicular cancer is most common from 15 years to 40 years so it can strike at any time.”

The successful operation and subsequent investigation found that there was indeed a malignant cancer. 

“Today I had my follow up consultation with my urologist and everything they thought was correct. After dissecting my removed piece of manhood they confirmed a malignant seminoma cancer that was in early stages” Hansford posted in a more recent update. 

“For me from here there is a 95% chance that this will not reoccur because of how early we were able to detect it and stop it from spreading through the body. 

Hansford has encouraged men of all ages to self-examine in order to ensure early-detection of similar cancers.

“I spoke with my surgeon this morning and she said the best thing we can all do to detect cancer is a thorough self-examination monthly. 

“‘Feel ourselves up on the first day of the month!’ Both for women (breasts) and men early detection is the best way to beat it. I feel I waited a bit long to get to my doctor after discovering it.

“So if any of you have your doubts get it checked out. I’m considering myself lucky that I got onto it so early.

“Again I can’t stress enough the importance of going to get checked out when you notice anything different I could of easily waited to get checked out as it really wasn’t a lump just a very small hard patch which was actually a 3cm tumour internally.”

Ryan’s return to behind the wheel has not yet been confirmed with the next round of the championship set for Queensland Raceway at the end of this month.

The Paynter Dixon Touring Car Masters family sends its best wishes to Ryan for a speedy recovery.