April 20, 2019 | General


Hi-TEC OILS polesitters Beric Lynton and Tim Leahey have been handed an additional pit stop following a Balance of Performance revision after qualifying yesterday.According to a bulletin released by the Stewards of the meeting:”In accordance with the Supplementary Regulation I. Sporting, Chapter 3.18 and 1.18.7, the Organiser has applied a BoP to the BMW M3 F80 LCI Competition Car 23.”The BoP is in accordance with the Supplementary Regulation 1. Sporting, Chapter 3, Item, Car 1 will have one (1) additional CPS applied which now equals five (5) CPS for Car 23.”While the change requires the team to complete an additional, mandatory 1m30 pit stop throughout the race, it does not change their starting position. So we’ve been issued an additional BoP on top of boost reduction for going too fast in qualifying! No point in using greens and having a go, knowing you don’t need the tyres for the race. 2 years in a row, clearly a message to us. 5 pit stops today.@speedcafe #B6Hr– Beric Lynton (@bericl) April 20, 2019