February 27, 2018 | General


THE Jesus Racing Team will sadly miss the opening round of the 2018 Touring Car Masters season following a hefty crash in testing last week at Winton.

The team’s Falcon GTHO named Abigail made significant contact with a wall following a jammed throttle cable.

The team is already well advanced in repairs including sourcing a replacement car to use as a donor for the front chassis components however decided to ensure the work was done properly rather than rushing to make the Adelaide grid.
“We could have rushed it through however we were not confident of the alignment being 100% and therefore chose to send it back to the car aligner to make absolutely sure we have a perfectly straight car†said an obviously disappointed Fisher.
“There is no point going into battle with some of the best driver and team combinations in motorsport when you potentially have a damaged car.
“We will get it absolutely right and then come back even stronger than before and in reality the additional time will also assist in my recuperation from the injuries sustained in the accident.”
The team put in an amazing amount of time and effort to get the car ready for the first round with Mark Donnelley and his crew at Awdon Motor Body Repairers taking charge of the major repair works.

Team engineer Rhett O’Brien from OBR Automotive is charged with the responsibility to oversee the development of the car and made the tough call about the alignment issues.
Speaking directly about the decision he said: â€ÂIt was not an easy call Mark and his guys have done a valiant job to get the car fixed however I am not prepared to give Andrew a car that is potentially not 100% right.”
The team hopes to have the car repaired by the end of this week and will then begin the process of putting it back together.
Fisher will be in Adelaide however to speak in a High School and a Detention Centre before returning home to help manage the repair process.

He will then return to Adelaide next Sunday in preparation for presentations in 7 High Schools in a tour of South Australia.