April 10, 2017 | General


CXC Global Racing has completed its final testing and preparations for the Bathurst 6 Hour, upon which it will mount a four-car Mitsubishi Evo attack.Full-time Supercars driver Tim Slade will partner Dylan Thomas in one of the team’s Evo Xs, while the other Evo X will be driven by Andrew Richmond and Karl Reindler.The team will also run two Mitsubishi Evo IXs – one will be shared by Radical Australia Cup front-runners Neale Muston and Peter Paddon, while the other will be piloted by NSW Production Touring front-runner Jacob Andrews and GT racer Mark Griffith.All four cars turned laps at Sydney Motorsport Park a fortnight ago as part of a shakedown run, the drivers reporting their satisfaction with the equipment.”The purpose of the test day was to ensure the car ran reliably, and rehearse some of the key elements of endurance racing, such as pit stops and radio communication,” Thomas said.”The day went according to plan, the car ran well and I’m confident we have a strong package for Bathurst.”Paddon said he was able to adapt comfortably from the Radical to the Evo.”In the Evo, everything happens a lot more slowly because you’re carrying less corner speed, but there are a few other things I needed to get used to, such as having a roof over my head,” Paddon said.”Because of the lower speeds, it’s a lot less physically demanding to drive and it will be very comfortable over a long race distance.”Neale and I have done a lot of racing against each other in Radical Cup and we’ve become quite good friends, so we will both enjoy driving together.”Karl Reindler, who will drive with Lee Holdsworth in this year’s Supercars endurance races, said any laps at Bathurst are valuable.”Mount Panorama is one of those tracks where any opportunity to get seat time is important, it doesn’t matter what sort of car you’re driving,” Reindler said.”Andrew spent some time tweaking the car setup during our test at SMP, and by the end of the day it was handling really nicely.”It will be Jacob Andrews’ first race at Bathurst and the 20-year-old is looking forward to the experience.”It’s going to be a bit daunting racing at the Mountain for the first time, but Dylan and the team have done everything to make me as well-prepared as possible,” Andrews said.The CXC Global Racing team will arrive in Bathurst on Wednesday ahead of setup on Thursday, practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday.