September 28, 2016 | General


TOURING CAR MASTERS and NZ Central Muscle Cars organisers have worked closely to ensure the performance of both categories is managed at the upcoming Wilson Trans-Tasman Challenge at Mount Panorama.

The series has also finalised the event regulations with a unique three-race format culminating in a spectacular Australia and New Zealand head-to-head start on Sunday morning.

Work between both parties has seen a technical program established to manage speeds across the weekend in an effort to encourage competitive racing safety and competition between the different machines.

With CMC regulations allowing more mechanical performance and styling freedoms than the Touring Car Masters a series of steps have been put in place across both categories to achieve the best package possible for racing on the Mountain.

The objective was to restrict top speeds down Conrod Straight to approximately 280km/hr for all cars via the RPM restrictions and differential ratio choices.

As per existing TCM rules all cars up to 5200cc capacity will be allowed to rev to 8000 RPM while cars over 5201cc will be restricted to 7500RPM.

The event format is modelled on regular TCM race programs with two practice sessions and Qualifying kicking off the weekend on Thursday and Friday.

Race one on Friday afternoon will see cars take the rolling start based on the overall qualifying order.

Race two will take on the reverse-grid WAECO Trophy Race format where between 45% and 55% of the field from Qualifying will be reversed and sent to the back of the grid.

The third and final race will be an Australia and New Zealand showcase the Wilson Trans-Tasman Challenge with TCM competitors lining up on one side of the starting grid and CMC cars on the other for a thunderous rolling start.

The grid for that race will be based on the finishing positions from race one on Friday.

Due to the uniqueness of the event TCM competitors will receive 10 championship points for starting and finishing each race so as to not affect the championship standings.

Race Management will be closely monitoring driving standards to ensure the weekend is a success on track.

More than 50 cars will take to the track next weekend.


Practice 1: Thursday 8.25am – 20 minutes.

Practice 2: Thursday 2.45pm – 20 minutes. Live on FOX Sports.

Qualifying: Friday 7.40am – 20 minutes. Live on FOX Sports.

Race 1: Friday 4.45pm – 6 laps. Live on FOX Sports / Channel 10.

Race 2:  Saturday 1.05pm – 6 laps. The Dometic/Waeco Trophy Race. Live on FOX Sports / Channel 10.

Race 3: Sunday 8.35 – 6 laps. The Wilson Trans Tasman Challenge. Live on FOX Sports / Channel 10.