September 2, 2015 | General


Category Manager Liam Curkpatrick says the time is right for the next evolution of the Kumho-supported V8 Touring Car class.

“Our last evolution of the category came nearly three years ago with the introduction of the BF Falcon and sequential gearboxes so its time for us to take the next step he says.

“While we are allowing these later model cars into the class it would be unwise to jump to the conclusion that the cars currently competing will be rendered uncompetitive next year.

“A well-prepared well-driven and well-run VZ Commodore or BF Falcon will still be a very competitive car.

The introduction of the later model Commodores and Falcons does not change the current eligibility of other cars in the category with all previous models of V8 Supercars – VP VR VS VT VY and VZ Commodores and EB EF EL AU BA and BF Falcons remaining eligible.

Curkpatrick also confirmed the Kumho Series will lift its engine rev limit to 7500rpm for 2016 bringing it into line with the V8 Supercars Championship and Dunlop Series.

The Kumho Series has used a 7000rpm rev limit since it was first introduced in 2008.

The series which is in its eighth year as part of the popular Shannons Nationals has the blessing of V8 Supercars and has emerged as effectively a third-tier of V8 racing in Australia.

The next round of the Kumho Series will be the penultimate round at Phillip Island on September 19/20 as part of the Shannons Nationals.

Despite recent changes to the structure and management of the Shannons Nationals for 2016 none of these changes affect the administration of the V8 Touring Car category.

KUMHO Tyre Australian V8 Touring Car Series organisers have confirmed the introduction of new model cars to the series in 2016.

The Holden Commodore VE (Series 1 and 2) and Ford Falcon FG will be added to the categorys eligibility list for next year opening the door for further competitors and allowing the category to undergo its next evolution.

The introduction by V8 Supercars of its Car of the Future into the Dunlop Series will unfold over the next two seasons leaving the previous generation of cars still eligible for the DVS through to the end of 2017.

Such is the sheer volume of cars that have been constructed since these models were introduced to V8 Supercar racing (VE Commodore in 2007 and FG Falcon in 2009) there is a surplus that will now be catered for by these cars being made eligible for the Kumho Series from 2016 onwards.