June 24, 2015 | General


PART of the appeal of racing in the ENZED Touring Car Masters is the chance to check out the unique locations where the series races – and few places we go are more unique than the ‘Top End’ of Australia.

As the TCM field split from the most recent round at Hidden Valley last weekend several drivers headed into the Territory to go fishing explore and generally relax after a competitive weekend on-track.

But for Outbound Racing / Savy Motorsport ace Keith Kassulke it was a different story – he hopped into the passenger seat of a truck in an effort to see Australia’s Red centre on the way back to base.

Kassulke and Savy Motorsport’s Dick Savy have teamed up to drive from Hidden Valley to the team’s Campbellfield base in Victoria – a trip of 3746km.

Having never made the trek before the chance to see the vast expanse of Australia’s centre proved too good an opportunity for Kassulke to refuse.. and team boss Dick Savy was reportedly all too happy for the company!

All reports indicate that Keith is loving (at time of publication they’re still en route) his journey – though the passenger seat perhaps wasn’t as comfortable as the racing unit in his XB Falcon hardtop.

The versatile driver – splitting his time between TCM and endurance racing in Europe this year – also spent a few stints behind the wheel of the Savy rig under Dick’s wise instruction.

However for most of the journey it seemed Keith was all too happy to play tourist and enjoy the scenery.

Also it seems there’s no getting away from just how big Australia is.. and that no amount of long-distance racing can prepare you for the Stuart Highway.

After stopping at a little hotel the first night Keith apparently commented to Dick that ‘It had been a BIG day of driving..’ only for Savy to reply (in his usual understated tone) with: ‘Well mate we did about 420kms today – only about 3200kms to go!’

We bet the refreshing ale tasted pretty sweet that night!

Thanks to Dick and Jill Savy and Keith Kassulke for the photos of the epic journey and safe travels for the remainder – bucket list stuff!