April 5, 2011 | General

Chris Delfsma V8 Touring Cars Race Two/Three – Wakefield Park, NSW on April 3

The Hazelbrook realtor joined what is effectively the third tier of V8 Supercars mid-season last year and was certainly on-track to claim a podium place by the end of 2010 getting a fourth at Eastern Creek before losing an engine at the last round before he could improve on that.
This years opening race on April 2 seen the Century 21 storm up the field from 12th position to seventh. Then just as Delfsma was challenging for sixth a fuel-related engine miss developed. He was told to go to fifty per cent throttle for the remainder of the race and subsequently fell down the order.
Delfsma figured in another great start in race two. “I arrived at turn two to a bit of a concertina effect and unfortunately tapped into Matt Hansen which sent both of us into a spin. He was unsure whether he had been tapped himself from behind in the opening scramble for positions but the end result was running dead last half a lap behind.
“All I could do was refocus and try to put down some good lap times he mused. “On the next lap I was able to do a 60.8 second time which was faster than my qualifying best – and just half a second off the lap record for V8 Touring Cars – then disaster the fuel pressure alarm came on and I was back to where I was in race one.
After another flying start in the third he was effectively blocked for a way as several cars veered onto the grass to avoid one of the front row cars which had stalled. “All I could do was settled into the train for the race ahead. “The car was finally over its fuel dramas but it was very hard to pass without doing something that could have caused an impact so i just waited for some mistakes to occur up ahead.
He didnt have to wait long for pseudo team mate John Vergotis was turned around at turn eight and hit hard by another car while several others copped damage as they tried to slip past some of which spun as well.
“I avoided the chaos but one of the others who was on the grass ahead of me splashed the biggest mud bath at me and I could hardly see out of the car Delfsma reported. “After a bit of wiper work I had enough vision to continue but it was far less than ideal.
There were a few more off-track incidents and Delfsma finished the third leg of the opening round with the Century 21 Falcon in ninth position.
“The level of competition has taken a large step up – fancy the top dozen cars being covered by less than a second in qualifying – unheard of last year he admitted. “But it was as I expected. All in all I am happy with the way I drove despite the results it has been the quickest I have been in the car.

Car Ford Falcon AU V8 Touring Car
Driver Chris Delfsma
Team Manager Garry Mennell Ontrack Motorsport
Head Mechanic Phil Armour
Data Lou Kapitsas
Logistical Support John “Stiggy” Zyzniewski RaceSafty Group
Technical support John Vergotis JCV Automotive
Technical Support Warren Davies/Andrew Simpson Howard Motorsort
Signage Mick Muir Darkside Custom Tinting
Media Support Scott Yortson SS media
Davies/Andrew Simpson Howard Motorsort
Signage Mick Muir Darkside Custom Tinting
Media Support Scott Yortson SS media