February 7, 2011 | General

Kumho moves to V8TC for 2011

“This is very exciting news for the category” V8 Touring Car Commercial Manager Rob Curkpatrick said.

“2011 marks the fourth season for the Kumho Tyres V8 Touring Car Series and despite a conservative start it gained serious momentum and showed last year the tremendous potential it is sure to deliver in the coming season.”

By the close of 2010 the V8 Touring Car Series had a solid grid of more than a dozen cars but more importantly series organisers have begun fielding calls from interested teams every week since the end of the season with as many as ten new [to the category] cars under development for 2011.

“I think the big change for the series came 12 months ago when we opened the category up to VY Commodores and BA Falcons that certainly created a lot of interest” Rob Curkpatrick admitted.

“That’s flowed into 2011 and from early indications we’re expecting entry levels into the high teens and possibly beyond.”

Kumho’s enthusiasm has been reflected in the fact that the company has increased its involvement moving from a supplier to the naming rights sponsor of the series with an investment that stretches well into the future.

“Kumho is proud to increase its involvement in the V8 Touring Car National Series” Kumho Tyres Australia’s David Basha said.

“All of us at Kumho are big fans of the V8 Touring Car concept so when it came time to make a decision on our 2011 sponsorships we indicated at a very early stage that we wanted to be involved” he added.

“Kumho is pleased to announce a three year commitment to V8 Touring Cars which provides stability for the category and for the competitors whilst also gaining valuable brand awareness and technical knowledge for Kumho.

“We also understand the passion that Australian motorsport fans have with the Holden/Ford rivalry so the category was a logical choice.” said David Basha.

For competitors who have stuck with the category since its inception this news comes as no surprise.

“This is the best value V8 Touring Car competition I’ve ever been involved with” Terry Wyhoon last season’s runner-up admitted and he should know as a veteran of almost every V8 Touring Car series in the country over the last ten years.

“Value for money nothing comes close. The quality of racing has been improving and I’ve been fielding calls all summer from people looking to buy lease or have me look after cars for them – there’s generally a good strong wave of support now for the category. Personally I can’t wait to start the season my only concern is that I’ll have so many cars to prepare and manage that I won’t have time to get mine out on track.

“Honestly it’s been a number of years since I’ve had this much hope for a new season of racing and it’s all down to the perseverance of the series organisers to just stick with it and focus long-term.”